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what promise?

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

King said he'd been to the mountain top,

said he'd seen the Promised land,

but what promise?

what land?

another video?

how many more black people

have to go dead?

blue knee on neck of handcuffed George Floyd.

no knock bullets shot through Breonna Taylor's door.

armed police always say they are afraid

after they make war.

afraid of what?

afraid of who?

fear is the mask they wear

to disguise the demons

lurking deep inside

the private corners of their nights.

is their fear real or is it imagined?

dis-ease or rabid dog rage?

how many more injustices will it take?

is justice blind or is she just blindfolded?

or is it just the same old America

turning stark black truth into same old white lies?


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